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Honor - Integritas - Fidelitas - Fiducia


Trinity Bay Tactical and TBT Distribution, Inc are a Veteran owned companies.  They are pro 2 nd   Amendment, pro U.S. Constitution.  Honor, integrity, loyalty and trust are the credo in which everyone on the staff lives by  What you will find here is people who will take the time to listen to your individual needs and find the right solution for you.  We are consumers as well as Tactical Shop Staff.  That being said we strive to not price gouge or take advantage of economic situations.  What you will see here is fair pricing almost to a fault.  We would rather not carry an item that is ridiculously priced rather than pass that on to you, our customer.  We are constantly searching for distributors and manufacturers that have the same philosophy, those who refuse to take part in artificially inflated pricing.      Thank you for your patronage and if you are in the area we look forward to visiting with you.